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Do you want to learn how to make money online writing articles for the web?

Are you aspiring to write awesome posts for your blog but don’t know where to start?

Are you a budding writer who has been frustrated by the common bidding processes in most freelancing platforms?

Have you tried some of the freelancing platforms but was stopped by the tests that you have to take before you can successfully create an account?

I can relate. Allow me to help you break that cycle of pain. Let me teach you how to write great copy for the web while also getting regular work that you won’t have to bid for!

Allow me to give you a hint of what you have the potential of earning when you train and work with me:

You get paid like this for direct writing assignments, daily…

Some of the common problems most aspiring web content writers face on a daily basis include:

  • Learning how to write great optimized content
  • Bidding for work and never getting any assignments (think Upwork, freelancer, iWriter, etc.)
  • Low paying inconsistent work on the same freelance platforms
  • Lack of proper guidance
  • Work rejection
  • Learning from copywriting ‘experts’ who don’t write regularly themselves
  • Learning from outdated copywriting lessons published years ago.

The solution?

  • What if you could get up-to-date training on what clients are looking for currently (especially now with the Covid-19 pandemic)?
  • What if you could learn not just from written pages, but one-on-one via Duo, WhatsApp, Email, and even direct SMS? Ask all the questions you have directly…
  • What if you could get practical lessons, not outdated theory on what used to work in 2015?

My name is John Chau, team lead at Tambaa Initiative and I’ve been working online since 2009. I’ve tried affiliate marketing, e-commerce, services arbitrage, blogging, niche sites creation, and web content writing, all to different success levels.

I was among the best-rated writers on iWriter for over 2 months straight.

Besides this, I am also renowned for my WordPress web design and search engine optimization skills, on top of my 2D and 3D animations skills.

To say the least, I have been working and earning online full-time for the last 10+ years.

Of all the things I do online, one area that I know anyone with basic English skills can succeed in is copywriting (writing web content).

I was making a good income on a daily basis as an elite writer on iWriter

This is a very wide area comprising of general website articles, search engine optimized articles, product listing articles, product description articles, product review articles, about us page articles, blog posts, online ezine articles, press release articles, pillar posts, marketing emails, response posts, and many others.

There is a lot of variety such that anyone with any writing skill level can comfortably get enough writing gigs to make them a full income to meet their daily needs.

Unfortunately, learning how to write right is a major hurdle.

Again, getting regular work after learning is another major hurdle. I hated it when I had to always go to platforms like Upwork (previously Odesk) to look for work but had to bid against hundreds of other well-qualified writers.

Worse still, I could not bid for work at the pricing point that I felt I deserved with the writing skills and experience I had. I would be forced to bid so low just to increase my chances of landing the gig…and even with this, I normally would miss getting hired.

For every 100 applications I would make, I would barely land one gig, which would also be very poorly paid for. This was unsustainable.

I, therefore, started exploring how to directly prospect for work that would pay well, and walla! I started getting paid exactly what I really deserved as a skilled copywriter.

Some PayPal payments from just one client when I made the switch…and I sometimes have over 10 such clients at a go!

Work also became a bit consistent and I would comfortably project my monthly and yearly income.

When COVID-19 struck earlier this year, I was touched by the many woes of people losing jobs right left and center. Students were sent home to avoid infections. Almost everyone became desperate and hopeless about the future they thought they had.

This is when I decided to start training people on web content writing, the exact way I do it.

I took in a number of high school, college, and university students and took them through this training… and to avoid blowing my own horn, here is what some of them had to say:

Before I met John, I had tried and failed miserably on upwork. I would always bid for assignments but would not land any. I even had started doubting my English skills wondering if they were up to standard. John taught me how to actually write copy that sells and even gave me paid direct assignments to help me start off. I will forever be greatful.

P. Gachugi, freelance writer

John was very patient with me. He kept encouraging me to keep at it to improve my writing skills. I eventually hacked it. I am now making a full time income writing for clients online. Most of my current clients are a direct result of what we did together with John.

Mercy N., Student, Nairobi University

Tambaa was the best opportunity in my life. I had no idea what they were about until I joined in. In less than 2 weeks, I was already getting paid assignments. That was just unimaginable for me! I now regularly work with John and the Tambaa team to create content for clients worldwide.

Irene W., Student, Strathmore University
Tambaa Initiative Copywriting Training Testimonial
Tambaa Initiative Web Content Writing Training Testimonial

Need I say more? Every one of these students is doing well in writing web content.

I want to offer you the same training.

…and as a Bonus for your trust in me…

  • Not only will I train you, but after training, if you are good at it, I will give you direct assignments from my clients to start you off.
  • In the training, I will also teach you how to prospect for clients the same way I do so that you will always have a regular workflow.
  • To top it all, I will offer you this training at a highly discounted rate.

In a nutshell, here is what you will be getting:

  • Complete training on how to write various types of articles for the web.
  • One-on-one interactions and training with me via Duo, WhatsApp, email, and SMS.
  • Practical training on web content writing (very minimal theory).
  • Access to my direct writing assignments after training (no more bidding for jobs)
  • Clients prospecting training so that you get direct and regular workflow for yourself.
  • 1-month free support after training in case you will have questions.

Beat the Covid-19 stay-at-home boredom with fun writing assignments that engage your mind. Add this high-income skill to your portfolio. Allow me to help you be a great content developer and create for yourself a new and huge extra income stream.

Enroll now for this training.

Enroll Now!– Kshs 19,700 4,850 Only!

Pssht! If you are on this page and have scrolled this far, I will give you a special discount. I will even allow you to pay directly via Mpesa through our Till no. 607682. Just fill this form for me (click to redirect to the form) and I will give you the instructions on how to access this special discount!

FAQs on Web Content Writing (CopyWriting) Training

1. What do I need for this copywriting training?

You will need to have basic computer skills as I will not teach you how to use a computer (typing and accessing the internet).

You will also need access to a computer and the internet. If you have a tablet/iPad, that can work too.

You will also need to be on at least one of the various chat platforms listed here: WhatsApp, Duo, or SMS. These are the avenues I will use during training. Make sure you also have an email address where I can send you files and instructions.

Finally, you need a desire to learn and the eagerness to try new things.

2. When does the training start?

Training kicks off on Tuesday 3rd November at 2 pm sharp. You will get access to all the lessons and training materials to ensure you become a successful copywriter the soonest possible.

3. How long will the training take?

The training is more like a one-on-one setup. It will take 2 weeks max. We will be learning live via WhatsApp, Duo, and am also considering Zoom (am learning how to set it up). I will also be accessible to all trainees via calls and SMS whenever you have any questions. You also get a free one-month of extra support after the training.

4. How soon can one start earning after the training?

In the training, I teach clients prospecting. You can start earning immediately after we go through that training module.

Better still, I will also be sending each trainee direct writing assignments and if they submit work and it’s approved by my client, you get paid. So, there’s no wait time really to start earning from this skill.

5. How do I join the training?

Please head over here, register for your spot, and you’ll be immediately enrolled (or take me up on my offer for a discount I gave above…but keep it shush!).

6. Can I enroll my family members or friends?

Sure, please share with them the idea and if they are interested, help them enroll. This opportunity is open for anyone between the ages of 18 up to 50 years as long as they have good basic computer skills and access to a computer with an internet connection.

7. What if I don’t like the training?

If for whatever reason you enroll and then feel that the training is not for you, I will offer you a full refund. No questions asked. In fact, I will pay you an extra 1000/- just to get your honest feedback on why you felt it was not right for you so that I can improve the training for those who remain in the training.

I, however, am sure you will love the training and the perks that come with it.

8. So, what next from here?

Simply enroll now and reserve your spot by clicking here.

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