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Our Story

Tambaa is all about helping others. We are a group of young people who are passionate about helping others succeed both in business and in life. We advocate for comfortable living, healthy eating, creating multiple streams of income and living a full life that is fun too.

Our organization is two-faced; we have the youth empowerment side, and we have the clients’ services side.

For clients, we help them develop various types of content for their marketing and online presence needs. We create general website articles, blog posts, landing page content, email marketing content, 2D and 3D animations, animation video scripts, product review articles, graphics & infographics, motion graphics, social media posts, and even guest posts, among other types of content. Our client services are geared towards helping businesses grow a strong online presence while also driving more traffic and increasing conversions on their online assets. We work with start-ups, fortune 500 companies, individual business owners, affiliate marketers, content managers, media developers and SEO companies. Basically, any individual, company or organization that needs content that sells can partner with us.
Just as our name suggests, we are about spreading like wildfire, all while touching and changing the lives of young people wherever we land. We share ideas with people aged 16 – 45 years on various ways of creating income streams. These ideas cut across online and offline options, from creating niche sites, to doing affiliate marketing, implementing modern farming methods to selling t-shirts online, and developing various types of content for clients, among many other options. Our goal is to help as many young people as possible to get a good financial footing without relying on the notion that they have to be employed by anyone else. Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the training that we were previously conducting offline on a one-on-one setup is now being offered online.

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Hire our web content development services and work with an A-team that is thorough, reliable and timely.

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Train with us on web content development and get top skills that will make you a highly sort-after expert.

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No theory training. All hands-on training for our trainees. Get practical training and assignments.
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Why Us

For the youth, working with us ensures that you have an independent lifestyle with a regular stream of income without necessarily relying on the academic papers that you hold. You can create multiple income streams from what we teach, and we actually go a step further to ensure that anyone who trains with us gets regular work from us up to a time when they are ready to fly solo.

For our clients, if you are looking to work with a team that guarantees high quality work, works fast on your assignments, and delivers it at very affordable rates, then we are your best bet. Our team comprises of individuals who have a combine experience of over 20 years creating various types of content for the web.

Who We Work With

We’ve worked with individuals and companies across multiple niches, and can comfortably work with you regardless of the bulk of work you have, the size of your company or the complexity of your work. As long as it involves creation of web content, we most likely have an expert in that area in our team. Just talk to us about your needs and let’s see if we can help.

Besides helping with content creation, we are also very good at Search Engine Optimization & WordPress web design. We have great experience with most email marketing platforms too, including Klavoya, aWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp, among others. We can help you set up your email sequences in these platforms.

For the clients who use GroovePages, Kartra and ClickFunnels, we can help you set up your pages, posts and email sequences in these platforms too. Not to forget, if you are also in ecommerce and need help setting up your Shopify and WooCommerce shops, we can help too. We strive to stay abreast with the world of content delivery and ecommerce so that we can make the lives of our clients easier. Hire our services today.

Meet The Founder; Mr. John Chau


John has been all about helping people. He started Motivational Speakers Africa to help upcoming, and seasoned speakers get well paying gigs for their services.

He also started Kenyan Farmer Solutions to connect farmers to farm financing, farm insurance, farm produce markets and modern farming opportunities.

Further, he started Pregnant Moms Hub to help young and new moms understand the cycle of pregnancy, understand what to expect, and connect them to the best experts for assistance and counseling during the pregnancy period.

He also partnered with Sarah’s Nutritive Supplies to help spread the word about healthy eating and natural pure organic foods consumption.

John simply cares about others. He cares about the well being of humanity. This is why he recently came up with the Tambaa Initiative to help young people create multiple streams of income and live a more fulfilled life.

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