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7 iGaming Jobs That You May Not Know About

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iGaming Jobs

IGaming jobs come in various shapes and scales, often far beyond what most people think of when considering working for an online gaming website.

After all, the site must be operated by a business, and the business must hire and pay professionals to manage its funds and accounts, create its image, promote its products, and provide services to its customers.

If you’ve considered working in the ever-evolving world of iGaming, but aren’t sure you have the skills, here are seven alternative iGaming jobs that might spark your thoughts.

iGaming Jobs That You May Not Know Existed

1. Game Testers

iGaming company employees and developers can only test all aspects of the game’s new website. Not much else.

This is where the game testers’ work comes in. Although most of the game testing work is for console games and video games, if you keep your eyes open, you will find opportunities to try online gaming and other types of interactive games.

2. Support Service Consultants / Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are the front line between customers and the business, just as they are in any industry.

This is one of the richest iGaming jobs that requires the least experience. In most cases, all you need is call center expertise and an understanding of the game system.

Being able to speak multiple languages ​​is an absolute bonus. Positions are all over the world.

3. Online chat/forum host

Chat hosting may be one of the oldest online jobs in the industry. The chat host facilitates online discussions by providing engaging topics, managing and troubleshooting when incidents occur, and providing online customers with an engaging and welcoming experience.

The most important requirements are reliable access to broadband connections, fast typing, and good communication skills.

4. Membership Manager

Membership marketing is the backbone of the iGaming industry and can provide a steady stream of new customers.

Membership managers work with the advertising team to conduct marketing activities, manage revenue, and facilitate payments to member sellers.

Experienced membership managers can demand high salaries, and even new managers can expect to earn around £ 30,000 a year.

5. Odds Compiler/Risk Manager

The Odds Compiler can compile and calculate the odds of various sporting events and games.

This position is responsible for establishing probabilities in the gambling and gaming environment.

6. Anti-money laundering Analyst

Security is a primary focus of the iGaming field, and one of the areas of focus is the use of gaming systems for money laundering.

Many of the larger iGaming sites are hiring and maintaining money-laundering experts to identify suspicious activity and work with national and international law enforcement teams to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met.

7. Content Manager (My Favorite!)

Retaining customers requires creating and developing an engaging interactive community.

The content strategist is responsible for “other content” to keep other members actively engaged and return to specific iGaming sites day after day.

This involves finding and writing interesting news, articles, tips, and other services that pique people’s interest.

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As you can see, iGaming is much more than just software development, gaming, and web design. Explore the iGaming world of work and you will find more alternative and unusual jobs that will put your skills to use in an exciting and evolving world of opportunity.

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