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Video Chatbots – The Evolution of Chatbots and Why You Should Get in Early

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Over the last few years, we have seen the adoption of AI revolutionalizing how we run businesses.

We started with simple content spinning bots which could turn an article into a completely unique article piece.

Then came the AI writing technology using GPT 3 technology. It started with simple tools that could help you generate high-converting headlines for your marketing article.

Then tools like Conversion AI and Shortlyai took over the writing of article content.

You could, for instance, literally write a whole 2000+ words blog post with these tools without compromising on its quality.

The resulting article also passes plagiarism and grammar checks, and truth be told, some of the pieces these tools spit out are way better than what you could write yourself.

The Chatbots Evolution

Hand in hand with these, and with the popularization of the many messaging platforms online, text-based chatbots emerged.


Powered by AI, these chatbots increased their complexity in learning human behavior so much so that they started getting adopted for marketing by the large fortune 500 companies.

Instead of employing a whole team of customer service agents, engaging just one chatbot to your company website or social media platforms would do the trick, handling all your customer assistance roles.

Businesses that adopted chatbots for their marketing activities started enjoying conversions beyond imagination.

Seeing an 85% conversion rate from the previous measly rates of less than 12% became common-place.

Advantages of Using Chatbots for Marketing

Easier Data Collection

Besides this, the chatbots allowed an easier way of data collection.

Unlike the process of telling a person to enter their name and email on a static landing form page, chatbots allow you to engage with the prospect in conversation that seamlessly asks for their details, prepopulating the information fields directly, and thus making it easy for them to send this information to you.

This process is so natural, even enjoyable, that the prospects barely notice that they are giving out their information which you need to help them out.

Fun and Engaging

These chatbots are also fun to engage with for your prospects. They mimic normal conversation with another human being only that they are guided.

One is also able to use emojis, gifs, photos, carousels, and even videos within the chat to explain or demonstrate emotions and products.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 68% of women between 16 and 35 years say that they find an emoji-ful chat more fun than a plain text chat? In fact, most say that they find a guy boring if he can’t use emojis and GIFs when flirting with them.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Chatbots also allow businesses to build two different business revenue channels (subscriber lists) at the same time.

If used on social media platforms like Facebook, a chatbot automatically builds for you a messenger subscriber list which you can market and remarket to automatically.

At the same time, you can automatically export the same data to your email autoresponder (like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.) to build an email list.

This way, you increase your marketing channels and audiences exponentially.

24/7 Availability

To top it all, chatbots allow your business to run 24/7.

Customers enjoy quicker responses, improved customer service, and all-time availability and convenience.

Learn Customer Behavior

All this is beside you learning what your clients/customer problems are, as well as what moves them.

Save Money

You also save so much money when using chatbots. You reduce overheads by automating your marketing.

So many advantages to using chatbots. In fact, if your business is yet to adopt using chatbots, it is likely considered primitive and outdated…just like running a brick-and-mortar business without any online presence and expecting a global audience to find you.

By adopting chatbots, you keep with the trends and stay ahead of your competition.

This is on top of the huge advantage of higher conversions, hence a better, bigger bottom line for your business.

Video Chatbots

Enter Video Chatbots…
Now, imagine getting all the above advantages plus video interaction!

This is a dream come true for most businesses. This new AI tech allows you to create chatbots that have video interactions.

It’s like being on a video chat with a friend, only that this one is guided to drive specific results.

The video chat creator strategically plans the chat logic so that the prospect is guided on the questions they should ask for them to get to prior determined outcome points.

The business owner carefully shepheards the prospects via a prequalification video chat funnel that converts the prospects to buying clients in a whiff.

Video Chatbots Can Easily Take Away The Need for A Website or Social Media Presence.

The beauty of this technology is that it is still very new and highly limited due to the potential of abuse.

So, if you employ this tech now, you will be way ahead of the pack, meaning that even if prospects within your niche market have become blind and numb to chatbots, they will see you as being different from video chatbots.

You get to use avatars that talk to them directly and simulate real human communication.

With this, you will sweep prospects from right under your competitors feet and make them your customers.

If you would like to employ this video chatbot technology in your marketing, please fill in this form and I will help you implement it. Get ahead with Video Chatbots.

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