Black seeds can be taken in seeds form, powder form (ground), or oil form (cold-pressed is best).

Order this superfood and get rid of most of those nagging ailments and persistent health conditions today. A maximum of one tablespoonful serving per day recommended.

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Also referred to as Black Cummin, Kalonji or Habat Sauda, these seeds are biologically referred to as Nagilla sativum.

In some quarters, these seeds are said to be the cure for everything but death. That’s how strongly their healing power is perceived.

They help with the management of Asthma, Arthritis, High blood pressure, skin conditions, allergies, digestive system disorders, and body pains/inflammation.

Black seeds can be consumed in three different forms; seeds, powder, and oil. Best taken with Pure Natural Honey.

We stock the three variations of this superfood to ease your consumption needs. Place your order NOW!

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Black Seeds

Black Seeds, Black Seeds Powder, Black Seeds Oil




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